Friday, October 17, 2008

Nicole McClain is the New Face of Miller Weldmaster

Nicole McClain in French Commercial for Miller Weldmaster

WOW. How exciting it was to be asked to be the new face of Miller Weldmaster, the first choice globally of all industrial fabric welding solutions. As part of being the "new face," I have been featured in three commercials for Miller Weldmaster (English, French, Spanish) and these can also be found on their web site. Of course, I'm including some behind the scenes footage I hope you will enjoy.

Nicole McClain in Spanish commercial for Miller Weldmaster

Nicole McClain in the dressing room at the studio

Absolutely loving my job...

Waiting for the next take...
Miller Weldmaster is a global company with locations in Europe, the UK, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Russia, the Netherlands and more. I was invited to visit their offices to meet several of the friendly employees, watch machine demonstrations and sit with some of their key executives to teach me the ropes and methods of Miller Weldmaster. It was an exciting trip and as they explained, I will never look at another awning or raft the same ever again.

Look for me in Charlotte, North Carolina as I present Miller Weldmaster and their three new Extreme Seam line of welding machines to everyone at the IFAI show. I have a fun and informative presentation (equipt with microphone for all to hear) that will be a highlight of the show.

During taping of commercials

The wonderful crew making my job a success

Nicole McClain reviewing French and Spanish lines with Anne-Sophie of Miller Weldmaster

First dry run of French commercial

Miller Weldmaster manufactures rotary hot air welding and hot wedge welding machines for the bonding, sealing and fusing of thermoplastic and industrial fabrics and specializes in welding inflatables, awnings, truck tarp curtains, banners and much more. I look forward to seeing you at the show.

Nicole McClain's Music of the Moment: One Fine Day by The Chiffons

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nicole McClain's Behind the Scenes Photoshoot Videos

I promised new behind-the-scenes footage per your requests! This video is a diced and spliced combination from the Merona Jewelry photoshoot, the Secret Treasures lingerie photoshoot and the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure photoshoot.

My special thanks to Bruce Gates and Richard's video (Web site coming soon) for making the shoots and videos a smashing success!

Nicole McClain's Music of the Moment: Someone to Call My Lover by Janet Jackson

Friday, October 03, 2008

Secret Treasure photoshoot with Nicole McClain

Fitness and Lingerie Model Nicole McClain in Secret Treasures
I love hunter orange, camoflauge and deer season, but every once in awhile, even the most outdoor girls need to feel like a woman. We climb out of our tree, put down our bow, and change into something feminine. Pink fluffy sweaters always make me feel cozy, warm and snuggly and fancy underwear are worth every penny. Check out a few of the photos from the Secret Treasures photoshoot.

Fitness and Lingerie Model Nicole McClain in Secret Treasures

Fitness and Lingerie Model Nicole McClain in Secret Treasures
I receive so many requests for behind-the-scenes footage and I will be honoring those requests. Expect to see some awesome footage in the near future from this and other photoshoots.

Nicole McClain's Music of the Moment: Only Time Will Tell by Asia