Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays from Nicole McClain

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my home to yours. May you have a blessed holiday season and be fortunate in spending time with those you love most.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Nicole McClain at Mid-Ohio Comic Convention

Another year for the Mid-Ohio Comic Convention in Columbus. The show welcomed many well-known celebrities such as The Silver Surfer (Doug Jones) from Fantastic Four 2, notorious pinup artist and personal friend Dave Nestler, amazing artist and personal friend Tommy Castillo of DC Comics, and of course the Salem, AZ team.

Nik Havert (writer), Nicole McClain (Kerry Connelly model), Paul Schultz (artist)
A very special thank you to all of the fans who came out to say hello to the Salem, AZ team. It was great to see you, meet you and sign autographs. We are excited to see so many people interested in the book (before it is even published!) and without you this wouldn't be possible.

Nik Havert reties Kerry's holster wrap

Dave Nestler and Nicole McClain
Check out Dave's new series of "Chicks on Picks" where he features models from his paintings on guitar picks. They are well designed and are certainly one-of-a-kind for all of you guitar players (and collectors). To see my "Bored of Education" painting created by Dave Nestler click here.

"Kerry Connelly" threatens Dave (with a smile)

Nicole McClain and Tommy Castillo (DC Comics)
Be sure to keep an eye on Tommy. Expect nothing less than more artistic and detailed creativity from him in the near future. The latest version of Alice in Wonderland, Red Riding Hood, and BigFoot Meets Tommy are a few of my favorites.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

More Merona ... Give Me Just A Little More Time

You've asked and I have them . . . Keep your eyes out for more shots from the Merona photoshoot. I'll be posting them soon ;) Here's one quick one for now.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Hunting Season 2007 - 2008

2007-2008 Deer Season

Archery Season: Open Statewide Antlered or Antlerless Deer
September 29 - February 3

Early Muzzleloader Season: Special Permit Required Wildcat Hollow, Salt Fork Wildlife Area, Shawnee State Forest
October 22 - October 27

Youth Gun Season: Open Statewide Antlered or Antlerless Deer
November 17 - November 18

Gun Season: Open Statewide Antlered or Antlerless Deer
November 26 - December 2
December 15 - December 16

Muzzleloader Season: Open Statewide Antlered or Antlerless Deer
December 27 - December 30

No more than seven (7) deer may be taken during the 2007-2008 season, no more than one (1) antlered deer may be taken per license year, and no more than two (2) deer may be taken per day.

From one deer hunter to another: Goodluck!

Nicole McClain in her tree stand setting up.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween to You and Yours...

Every once in awhile it's ok not to dress up as the hott nurse for the Halloween party. October 31st is a time for family, to scare kids, and special effects. I hope your Halloween was every bit as safe as it was scary.
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Giving Back - The Special Olympics Fund Raiser

Cheerleaders, videographers, bagpipes, the mayor, local businesses and a crowd full of family members, friends and residents filled the stadium to support Special Olympics and its athletes during the annual police versus fire department football game. Individual donors, corporate partners and many others make it possible for Special Olympics to offer children and adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage and experience joy through participation in the program. The police and fire departments are included in that special group of donors leading the community effort to raise more than nine thousand dollars this year from ticket sales, raffles, and donations.

I am honored to be a part of this event each year - not only to see my friends on the police department, but to witness the generosity and sportsmanship of the event - and to give more than my annual donation to Special Olympics. My role this year was that of a photographer. I enjoyed being on the 'other side' of the camera and catching my notorious up close and personal shots of not only the players, but the Special Olympics athletes as well (although I managed to pass the camera once or twice to get myself in some of the shots). The Special Olympics movement includes more than 2.25 million athletes who train and compete in 30 sports through more than 200 Programs in more than 160 countries around the world.

Would you like to help increase awareness and donate to Special Olympics? Click here to donate today.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nicole McClain is Kerry Connelly in "Salem, AZ"

Nicole McClain is Kerry Connelly in "Salem, AZ"
I'm pleased to announce the photoshoot for "Salem, AZ" has finally taken place! I want to thank all of you for your devoted interest and inquiries. I can't speak of my amazement or appreciation enough.

To give you more insight into the "Salem, AZ" project, where I am the lead character Kerry Connelly, I thought I would post some notes from Nik Havert (and of course pictures!) on the recent photoshoot. Sometimes the inside details give the best, and most fun, insight. As for the "Salem, AZ" Team? Let's just say I appreciate each of you for your time, efforts, support and for choosing lil' ol' me. ;)

Don't let the smirk fool you...

Nicole McClain is Kerry Connelly in "Salem, AZ"
Notes from Nik Havert:

Holy effing ess.

It's not every day I get asked to help dress a model, let alone a model dressed like a character I co-created with Paul Schultz.

I drove to meet with Nicole McClain and her photographer pal, Bruce Gates, to shoot "a discfull of photos" of Nicole dressed as Kerry Connelly - the lead character from "Salem, AZ." We had the entire costume, apart from the jacket, which Nicole forgot at home, but that didn't matter. She was stunning. The resemblance was uncanny. There is no other word for it.

Nicole had her replica .45 revolver. My good pal, Sherm, loaned me several of his Old West replica guns: a double-barreled shotgun, a Winchester rifle, two .45 revolvers with holsters, and two Josey Wales-style .44 revolvers. I also brought some stuff along for us to play with during the shoot: a huge Bowie knife, an old bullwhip, and a prop witch's broom from our Halloween decorations.

I got to be Nicole's dresser for the shoot, adjusting the spurs on her high heeled fetish shoes, tying down her .45's holster to her thigh, moving hair out of her eyes, and the like. She didn't have to twist my arm to do it, that's for sure, but it gave me a new appreciation for modeling. She was a trooper, and sweat it out under bright lights for two hours, often holding awkward positions and sometimes several heavy firearms while doing it. Some of the shots had her wearing a black wool serape while under the lights. I told her I'd buy her the biggest margarita she wanted after we were done, and she smiled and said that wasn't necessary. "This is what I do," she said, a consummate professional all the way.

We took almost four hundred photographs. I brought along two books on spaghetti westerns which featured many shots from various films and copies of vintage movie posters. We used a lot of these for certain poses and ideas. A personal favorite was a take on a Spanish poster for "For a Few Dollars More" in which Nicole is crouched and stepping on my outstretched arm and picking up my dropped revolver.

We did shots with and without witch hat, with and without gloves, and with and without serape. We did shots of her standing, crouching, and sitting (on an old wooden beer box). We did shots of her with one revolver, two revolvers, and three revolvers. We did shots of her with rifle, knife, bullwhip, and multiple handguns. It was a great time.

The whole session was video taped, and Nicole plans to put segments from it on YouTube and Myspace. We have many great shots that could be used for several covers, and enough for at least one pin-up book. Paul will have enough photo reference material to last him several issues. I plan on posting some of the photos after we get the new laptop PC.

In other Pickle Press news, Bill Messner-Loebs may have his artwork for "665 Mystery Road" finished by the time the Mid-Ohio-Con gets here. I've also sent in my table fee for that show, and Paul Schultz plans on being in attendance. I have a couple things I'd like to have published for the show, but I'll hold those details back for now in case they don't pan out by the time November 24th gets here. However, I will say that Nicole hopes to be at the show in costume, so that should be enough to get you to Columbus that weekend.

I plan on sending in my table fee for the Phoenix show soon. I'd like to have "Ninja Nympho Roommate" printed by then, as that show has a big manga-loving crowd and I think the book would sell like hotcakes there. Joe should have the inks done in a couple months, if all goes well.
My special thanks to Bruce Gates and Richard's video (Web site coming soon) for making the shoot a smashing success!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Nicole McClain for Merona Jewelry

Fall is setting upon us which means raking leaves, Halloween and deer season. Here are the pics from the Merona jewelry photoshoot. This post has the added bonus many of you have been asking for... I'm happy to finally answer all of those emails and questions, "Are you ever going to have any videos?" YES. Check it out below. Thanks for your patience. ;)

A special thank you to Bruce Gates of the Art Factory and my videographer Richard's Video (Web site coming soon) for your wonderful work.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nicole McClain Muralized

Was it muralized or mesmerized? The results of this mural were uncanny and everyone that passed was pointing saying, "I saw your mural on the wall. It looks just like you. Even down to the highlights, it's you." I would laugh, smile and say thank you.

I forgot to sign the wall while I was there, but no worries Mitch, I'll be back to do that soon.

To check it out for yourself, visit Saddleridge in Pittsburgh (also catch a few pics of me in the slideshow). You can't miss it.

To order a custom mural for your business, home, event, or to view murals from Nicole McClain, visit my murals website by clicking here.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

International Ujena Bikini Jam in Puerto Vallarta

The International Ujena Bikini Jam in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is coming up this August.

I was happy to receive notification of an recommendation to attend as well as have one of my photos posted on the home page of Ujena Talent (the images on the home page rotate upon each "refresh" of the page - sometimes it shows up on the first refresh, other times it takes up to 10 or so for those of you checking it out).

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

#1 Model in the State of Nevada, Nicole McClain

See me on Model Locate
It brought a smile to learn that I was recently named, "#1 listed model in the state of Nevada," in June 2007.

Feedback represents the opinions of other members, and is not the opinion of Model Locate staff. Green Feedback is "positive" feedback or "higher than normal" ranking from other models, photographers and members. Red Feedback is "negative" feedback or "lower than normal" ranking from the same groups of individuals.

The major factor in ratings is if the rating is higher than what the person giving the feedback normally gives. Example: Sally gives a "best ever," but Sally gives everyone a "best ever." This does not count as positive feedback. If Mary gives a "Good," but on average Mary gives people an "OK," this is counted as positive (green) feedback.

My rating details were as follows:

Green high-lighted feedback is significantly higher than normal.

Red high-lighted feedback is significantly lower than normal.

My photos were placed in the #1 slot of the models. While this ranking can change as time goes by, I would like to send a personal thank you to all of the models, photographers, and members for your wonderful feedback, comments, and emails. Thank you.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Another Birthday Around the Corner

Another Birthday Around the Corner...

Is it possible another year has gone by? Yes. Insert deep breath here.

Regardless of age, life is what you make of it. Whether we turn 18, 28, or 38, if you are happy in your life, age need not apply. Life does have twists and turns - for better, for worse - and you wonder what will be at the end of the rollercoaster ride. Fair enough.

I once read, "Once you accept that life is difficult, life isn't as difficult anymore." Think about that for a moment.

So if you are celebrating the month of the Gemini with me or if your birthday isn't for another six months, this is my philosophy: Be grateful of your "new age" because next year you will be faced with this same situation again (yet another year older) wishing you could come back to this very point in time. Take a moment to breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun against your skin, and thank the Lord for the blessings He has given to you - and the ones He has not.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nicole McClain in the Hott Sun...

Nicole McClain in the hott sun...with hott deals...and a hott schedule...what's next?

More news under the sand is my inclusion into Babe Warehouse. There is a photoshoot in Florida for an upcoming calendar and I'm excited to see new events coming down the pipeline.

The commercial with Grange Insurance and Elite Insurance on Sportstime Ohio begins airing today during the Cleveland Indians games. Thank you to everyone for your congrats and your excitement. We'll be celebrating tonight over a round of drinks for everyone as it runs for the first time.

Check back for even more photos from the photoshoot in the sand!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Kickin' Up Contracts in the Sand

Kickin' Up Contracts in the Sand

Have you heard Joss Stone's popular hit, "Tell Me 'Bout It," where she aggressively says to, "seal the deal?" Well, the TV commercial contract has been sealed between myself, Grange Insurance and Elite Insurance. It will air between May 15 and June 24th on Sportstime Ohio during the Cleveland Indians games and throughout daily broadcasting. This was an awesome opportunity and I would like to thank Grange Insurance and Elite Insurance for contacting me for the job!

Since 1935, Grange Insurance has been providing insurance to protect your home, automobile and business, as well as provide security through life insurance and other financial products. From their humble beginnings as an auto insurer in Ohio, the Grange Mutual Casualty Group has grown to become a $1 billion insurance and financial services provider based in Columbus, Ohio.

Elite Insurance Coverage provides insurance and financial solutions to more than 2500 individuals and businesses. They are an independent insurance agency and as independent agents, they sell coverage from several different companies such as Grange, Progressive, and Travelers to name a few. This allows their clients to have the right amount of insurance and the right type of coverage.

P.S. Check back for more photos from the last photoshoot in the sand.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring Brings Rain and Opportunity

Spring Brings Rain and Opportunity

Between rain, snow, and sunshine, I have no idea which way the world is spinning anymore. One thing I do know for sure, however, is that Spring has opened doors to excellent opportunities . . . more photoshoots, more shows, more work. I'm eager to share the news with you so be sure to check back for the updates.

P.S. If you are reading this Mr. Al Gore, regardless of how busy I am sir, I'll take you up on that global warming spokesmodel position.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The New Site is Live

The new site is live as promised.

It's kinda crappy. Click here to read more.

Bring your shovels - and that has nothing to do with the snow.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Rumor is spreading that I'm creating a new blog . . . and I'm here to announce the rumor is true (for once!). I'm not releasing any details yet, but I will leave this clue to ponder . . .

Monday, January 29, 2007

So is this cold weather getting to anyone else except me? I'm ecstatic about the "late winter" we are experiencing, but there is a chill in my bones that is borderline rigormortis. Hopefully some shots from the tanning bed photoshoot will defrost the freezer burn we all feel this January. This is probably one of the hottest photoshoots I've been asked to do thus far - literally.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Kerry Connelly pages for the Salem, AZ comic book are under way. Keep up the great work guys! I can't wait to see the finished book!