Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"'Love' for Chinese" Mural by Nicole McClain

Working with canvas is an extremely different medium than drafting, drawing, painting, shading and detailing my creations on a wall. I am enjoying it, however, and I'm currently working on a series for the Chinese collection. Enjoy.

For more information and to see the progression of this mural, visit www.nicolemcclainmurals.blogspot.com or click here.

"'Love' for Chinese" mural on display

February 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Monday, February 13, 2006

Salem, AZ teasers in print?

Sneak a peak (verbiage to come from Nik Havert) at a possible ad for Salem, AZ. With only one page to get it right (and he did as usual), Paul even pays a small tribute to one of the greatest spaghetti westerns of all time, "Once Upon A Time In The West."

Salem, AZ Teaser Ad in Wha?

The ad will run in Bill Wilkison's upcoming third installation of Wha? For those of you not familiar with Bill's work, check out his semi-demonic sidekick Lucius S.O.S. loaded with 70s movie references, weird little kids and one freaky guy with an overbite and horns.

Lucius & Kerry Connelly

And if you see him, tell him I love to see the Inkslinger's version of myself! Love the one of the girl in the green shirt and glasses, Bill.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kerry Mural by Nicole McClain

It began with the idea from Nik and Paul that myself and one of my murals would be pictured on the cover and possibly inside the cover of one of the Salem, AZ comic books. I thought to myself, rather than show one of the Disney murals or the random requests I have drawn and painted for clients, wouldn't it be great to have one that relates to the comic? Kerry Connelly herself? Absolutely.

30" x 40" canvas

Paul was ecstatic about the idea and I know he has been in waiting to see what I've come up with . . . me too. I've always wanted my murals to be mobile and it came apparent to me that afterwards, clients wanted them mobile as well as to take them with them if they moved or rearranged furniture. Paul thought the mobility would work great for conventions as well. Enough said, I was sold on the idea. Mind you, it is my first mural on canvas (all of the others have been created and cast on walls only) so it was almost like working with a new medium. However, the canvas allowed me to create a unique twist by adding in a background element where I did not have to worry about where the background would "end" (it just "ends" at the edge of the canvas).

Beginning Stage in Pencil

Adding Life, or um, Black Paint

Adding Color & Desert Background

Adding Touches to Hair and Changing Jewelry & Gloves to Silver/Grey

An artist's work is never complete, so please don't expect to see a "final" piece but it will come pretty close . . .

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nicole McClain as a Gun-Slinging Bar Fighter

I had no idea I could make such a grand entrance. Somehow Paul continue's to put things together and does an amazing job.

This is my terminate-the-bad-guy-trying-to-kill-me stance. Nice.

Coming Soon: The very first mural to ever be painted by yours truly.