Friday, September 21, 2007

Nicole McClain for Merona Jewelry

Fall is setting upon us which means raking leaves, Halloween and deer season. Here are the pics from the Merona jewelry photoshoot. This post has the added bonus many of you have been asking for... I'm happy to finally answer all of those emails and questions, "Are you ever going to have any videos?" YES. Check it out below. Thanks for your patience. ;)

A special thank you to Bruce Gates of the Art Factory and my videographer Richard's Video (Web site coming soon) for your wonderful work.
Nicole McClain's Music of the Moment: Kiss Me by Cassie Ft Ryan Leslie

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nicole McClain Muralized

Was it muralized or mesmerized? The results of this mural were uncanny and everyone that passed was pointing saying, "I saw your mural on the wall. It looks just like you. Even down to the highlights, it's you." I would laugh, smile and say thank you.

I forgot to sign the wall while I was there, but no worries Mitch, I'll be back to do that soon.

To check it out for yourself, visit Saddleridge in Pittsburgh (also catch a few pics of me in the slideshow). You can't miss it.

To order a custom mural for your business, home, event, or to view murals from Nicole McClain, visit my murals website by clicking here.

Nicole McClain's Music of the Moment: Bound By Love by Gran Bel Fisher