Monday, November 28, 2005

Mid Ohio-Con, November 26th-27th in Columbus, Ohio


Monday, November 21, 2005

Bow Hunt, 2005 Buck

If you have ever listened to a group of hunters talk about their famous hunts or their, "This one time," stories, you've noticed that most of them begin with, "It was just getting dark..." or, "It just started to snow..." or, "It was just getting light out."

Mine didn't start out that way.

It was going to be a hunt that I almost quit as it not only began with a little bit of a late start but when I reached my stand, the strap to pull back my bowstring snapped and I had to run back out of the woods to get another strap. On my way back into the woods, the sun was already breaking and I spooked a deer. I thought I ruined my chances.

Once I finally settled in my treestand, two bucks about 80 yards out headed toward each other, one coming in from each side. They met each other and headed along my right side but they were too far for a shot.

Awhile later, a large doe came down from the slashings about 125 yards out and headed south up near the trail. I grunted but after she failed to respond, I bleated a few times and she came in. She sauntered in about 40 yards and I waited for her to take one more step out from beyond the trees. Suddenly she was spooked and took off back toward the slashings. I set my bow down and sighed.

Twenty minutes later a doe walked in my direction and stood within 30 yards of my stand. However, she was too small to shoot so I just watched her circle around for a while and let her pass.

I had seen four deer at this point, more in one day than I have seen any other day all season. I was sure that my luck was going to run out if it hadn't already.

Not more than 15 minutes later, a buck was headed toward my stand to the left. He came within 50 yards of my stand behind some trees and brush and then began to meander back up the slope to my rear left.

He was about 60 yards out when I grunted. He stopped in his tracks. He looked around and then started up the slope again. He reached 70 yards and I grunted again but he kept going. I grunted once more, now 80 yards out, and he stopped once again in his tracks. He circled back and ran from behind me to ahead of me on the left side.

I grunted. He moved closer.

I grunted. He moved closer, now 60 yards.

I grunted. He moved closer, now 40 yards.

I drew my bow and waited. There he was, 25 yards away directly facing me, staring me down as I pointed my bow at him. He snorted trying to get me to respond in some way. He stomped his foot thinking I would somehow move and he would discover my identity. We stared at each for what seemed an eternity. He turned broadside and I took my shot.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Jim Brown Refuses to Sign Autograph

You heard it right, the man said no.

And it doesn't matter if you are walking in the same suiteholder hallway as him . . . If you find Jim Brown passing you by, don't bother to ask for the man's autograph. He'll just say no.

So you were the number one draft pick in 1957. So you were were the NFL's Most Valuable Player in 1958 and 1965. So you were the second-youngest player ever inducted into the Hall of Fame at age 35 (behind Gayle Sayers, who was inducted at age 34). So you have some pretty impressive stats and set some records, for the Cleveland Browns especially. And who cares if a Cleveland Browns throwback jersey with your name on it still sells online for $125.00.

I'll tell you who used to care.

I'll tell you who used to watch reruns of you running the field.

I'll tell you who even bought 2 of your rookie cards just this past year.

And with that Mr. Jim Brown, let me just tell you this: You were not surrounded by a bunch of street fans that would keep you for hours and hours signing every article of clothing they brought with them; You were walking through the halls of the suiteholders.

And it wasn't as if you were walking through Pittsburgh stadium. You were in Cleveland, the city where you are admired by many because you hold the Browns' record for the most combined net yards, most career yards rushing, most points in one season, career touchdowns, most consecutive games scoring a touchdown and most 1,000-yard seasons.

Your fans have cheered you on for years and this is your gratitude? Your appreciation for stardom? My mistake for not appreciating that you are a self made man and the fans mean nothing to you unless they attend a paid autograph signing. And if that isn't the truth, you certainly have a way of implying it directly to their face.

Have a nice day, Mr. Brown. I'll be sure to tell little Johnny he'll need to save up his allowance in order to get you to sign your rookie card he already paid a hundred dollars for.
Browns Shutout the Dolphins, 22/0

The first touchdown of the game was amazing to watch from the stands. If the Browns could only have this sort of fancy footwork and teamwork in every game, at least once during the game, I would guarantee more crazy half-naked fans freezing in cold weather, more positive support from Cleveland sportsfans, and possibly less talk about the arm ability of Cleveland sportsfans to throw bottles. Reuben Droughns, #33 DB, dodged all incoming traffic and sweved around every obstacle.

Maybe Phil Dawson, #4 K, should have borrowed one of Droughns legs before he attempted and missed the extra point. Followed by a no wind, no rain, no snow 30 yd punt in the 4th quarter. He must have had breakfast that morning with Kyle Richardson as Richardson was nearly out of bounds and his punting skills were not impressive this week.

In the second quarter, full back Terrelle Smith, #42, scored the second touchdown of the game. Dawson tried again with success and picked up the extra point for the Browns.

Another awesome play included Charlie Frye as he runs, stumbles, regains control and just before he was sacked, manages to throw the ball to Braylon Edwards, #17 WR, to make the Browns' first down in the 4th quarter. Granted, I would have loved to have seen more of Northcutt, #86 WR, on the field besides his 30 yd punt return, but Edwards started and made a significant impact in the game.

Distraught could be seen on Nick Saban's face, Head Coach of the Dolphins. Was he counting the number of incomplete passes thrown by Gus Frerotte, #11 QB? Or was he rehashing the fumbles of Marty Booker, #86 WR, and Randy McMichael, #81 TE, in his mind?

Or maybe he was wondering why in the world Reuben Droughns, #34 RB, remained in the game during the 4th quarter when the scoreboard read 0 Dolphins, 22 Browns? Looking for a stellar play or not, he should have been pulled to avoid injury.

So although the Browns and the Dolphins entered the stadium with the same record and majority vote choosing the Dolphins to win, Cleveland barked its way to a shutout, 22/0.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Latest Wall Mural

Monday, November 07, 2005

Another fabulous shoot with Bruce Gates and Dave Nestler
on November 6th, 2005 for Maxim and Stuff Magazine.