Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nicole McClain Interviews Country Music Star Aaron Tippin!

Not only do we share a love for music, but also our passion for deer hunting. Check out this personal, in-depth interview with Aaron Tippin straight from his tour bus. When camera bulbs are flashing, people are banging on the tour bus doors and even the videographer's battery dies mid-shoot - anything, including bloopers, can happen in showbiz.

Nicole McClain Interviews Country Music Star Aaron Tippin

Aaron has such a down-to-earth personality and a true southern accent. I really enjoyed this interview (as well as a glass of wine with the band) and there is even more to Aaron Tippin than his awesome country music.

Aaron Tippin and Nicole McClain sharing deer hunting pictures and stories.

Lots of laughs and smiles during this interview.

Cameras flashing during the interview.

Aaron Tippin and Nicole McClain

Aaron Tippin and Nicole McClain (Cameras were shooting from every angle)

Nicole McClain with Aaron Tippin and his awesome band!

Aaron Tippin on stage.

Aaron Tippin on stage

Waving to Aaron on stage

Nicole McClain's Music of the Moment: That's As Close As I'll Get To Lovin' You by Aaron Tippin

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Nicole McClain!

With busy schedules and work always on the horizon, we each need to take a step back and celebrate! Not everyone shares an Irish name like McClain, Kelly, or O'Malley, but we can all put a little bit o' green in our hair and pretend "everyone is Irish" on St. Patrick's Day.

Nicole McClain's Music of the Moment: Token Celtic Drinking Song by The Pogues

Friday, March 14, 2008

Nicole McClain Top Ten Model for Arizona!

I was selected to be featured on Bikini Auditions and have been moved into the "Top 10 Most Voted Bikini Models, State of Arizona."

The "Top Ten" are chosen models voted by viewers from around the World and represent the State of Arizona's Most Voted Bikini Models. Votes are updated on the 29th of every month at 06:00 am EST with the most voted moving up.

You can vote for me by visiting Bikini Auditions and clicking on "vote for me" underneath my picture - be sure your vote is counted! I appreciate your votes!

Nicole McClain's Music of the Moment: Shook Me All Night Long remix by ACDC