Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Civil War: Heroes For Hire #1 cover featuring Tarantula by Billy Tucci of Marvel Comics

I've recently sent more of the action shots from the photoshoot over to Billy for his photo reference. That's me, er um, her . . . Tarantula, fourth from the left, in black and red. She is the mysterious new vixen into the Marvel Universe who sports deadly spikes on her feet and hands.

The unlikely group of heroes have gathered together to hunt down and capture criminals who refuse to sign the Registration Act. Action, adventure, crime, beautiful women and Kung Fu chaos come together in this explosive new series from writers Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Billy Tucci! Featuring BLACK CAT, SHANG CHI, PALADIN, MISTY KNIGHT, COLLEEN WING and THE ALL-NEW TARANTULA.
Billy remarked, "The writing of this book is such that it will smash head to head into anything else being published. The character interaction and insight alone will grab hold of readers and take them on this wonderfully funky ride that jumps into Civil War from the everyman's pov."

This 32-page book is T+ rated and available in stores as of August 23, 2006.

Just tell me when I need to sub-out these blonde highlights for the red, ok Billy?